Phenopacket version 2

Version 1 of phenopackets was approved by GA4GH in October, 2019. Based on initial experiences and feedback from multiple sources, we are planning to extend version 1 to include better representation of the time course of disease, treatment, and cancer-related data. Discussions are planned in the GA4GH Clin/Pheno Full WS & Phenopackets Subgroups. Newcomers are welcome, please contact the GA4GH to get involved!

A number of new elements are now open for discussion by the community in the v1.1 branch of the phenopackets GitHub repository.

Version 2.0

We anticipate that version 2.0 will contain a very few breaking (backwards-incompatible) changes affecting the representation of time and dates. These changes will be brought to the GA4GH steering committee before release.