Pharmaceutical treatment

This represents treatment with a pharmaceutical agent, broadly defined as prescription and over-the-counter medicines, vaccines, and large-molecule biologic therapies.

Data model

Definition of the PharmaceuticalTreatment element
Field Type Status Description
drug OntologyClass required The drug.
route_of_administration OntologyClass recommended How was the drug administered?
dose_intervals DoseInterval (list) recommended dosages
drug_type DrugType optional Context of the drug administration
stop_reason_id StopReason optional reason to stop taking the drug


An ontology term representing the pharmaceutical agent. This can be a term from DrugCentral, RxNorm, Drugbank, ChEBI, or other ontologies.


How the drug is administered, e.g., by mouth or intravenously. This can be specified by ontology terms from the NCIT subhierarchy for Route of Administration.


block of time in which the dosage of a medication was constant, e.g., 30 mg/day for an interval of 10 days. See Dose Interval.


The context in which a drug was administered. See Drug Type.


the reason for which a medication was discontinued. See Stop Reason. Todo – if the medication is still ongoing, we will need to represent this.