Medical action

This element describes medications, procedures, other actions taken for clinical management. The element is a list of options.

message MedicalAction {
    oneof action {
        // e.g.
        Treatment treatment = 1; // to be discussed
        PharmaceuticalTreatment pharmaceutical_treatment = 2;
        RadiotherapyTreatment radiotherapy_treatment = 3;
        Procedure procedure = 4;
        // (to be expanded....)


The element would be for treatments that are not pharmaceutical or surgical, for instance dialysis, oxygen therapy, phototherapy, or some other kind of therapy administering a quantity of an agent of a course of time.

To be discussed. Is this the optimal way of modeling an other category?


See Pharmaceutical treatment


This element would model Radiation therapy (also called radiotherapy).


This element models surgery, biopsy, intubation, counseling.

See Procedure.